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Perspective Development

Here at Baron-Moore Associates, we offer a wide range of corporate services for our clients.

Developing close relationships with our clients, on both a business and personal level, is one of Baron-Moore Associates’ primary objectives. In the Firm’s early years, our executive management recognized an opportunity to provide a superior level of specialized advice and execution for a broad range of corporate securities transactions. As a result, a dedicated Corporate Services department was formed. The Corporate Services department at Baron-Moore Associates is located on the trading floor next to the market makers and position traders making it easy to stay in the flow of all market color.

Baron-Moore Associates’ Corporate Services group provides a bridge between our hundreds of corporate clients and the Firm’s institutional trading capabilities. Having conducted hundreds of these complex transactions, our professionals are highly experienced in the very detailed operational and legal requirements of share repurchase programs and stock distributions to liquefy limited partners of venture capital funds. Baron-Moore Associates’ Corporate Services department works closely with our research analysts and investment bankers to provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of the market and industry sectors. Our goal is to make all transactions seamless.

One of the main corporate services we provide is in-depth business analysis. This implies collecting pertinent information about the company's finances and analyzing it in-depth in order to offer unbiased advice regarding future financial development.

Our experts specialize in various business branches, which enable us to cater to different companies in an individualized manner. Our main asset is being able to view the situation from an outside perspective and offering unbiased advice.

We also provide business valuation services. Some of our corporate customers wish to offer investment options to the public and come to Baron-Moore Associates for advice. We will analyze the benefits to both the company and the investors and help them choose the most suitable option.

Our Vacancies

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Finance Assistant / Finance Analyst: Energy Trading
  • Finance Controller: Energy Trading: STN Monthly Cash Forecasting
  • Trainee FX and Stock Trader
  • Institutional Sales Trader
  • Power & Gas Trader
  • Trainee Stock Trader

Our Mission

Every single one of our employees and the whole of our work ethic have a common goal: “To ensure our clientele’s prosperity and wealth increase without increasing the risks”.

We believe that the quality advice we provide to our customers and the success of their financial enterprises is also beneficial to the performance of the global financial market itself.