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What We Offer

Regardless of the services they choose, our clients will have at their disposal the information that we gather through our market research and the discerning advice of our consultants. This knowledge is filtered through the expertise of our analysts so that our customers do not receive misleading or outdated information.

Risk management and reduction also play a key role in the services we provide. Through proven methods used in the financial industry and also some strategies that we have developed over time, we can lower the risk in a client's portfolio to a minimum. Through intense research, our team is constantly observing a client's assets in order to identify the ones which are likely to underperform in the future and offer timely advice for the customer. In this way, the client is also protected from unnecessary loss.

Another role of our market research is to find new opportunities for our clients. We receive news from our sources throughout the globe, which offers us a wide range of investment opportunities for our clients that they would not normally have access to. As always in our work, we take into account the customer's wishes and needs before advising any change on the portfolio.

Self - Directed Services

You do your own research and understand the markets and how you want to trade them. All you need is a way to place your trades quickly and easily. Orders can be placed as quickly as picking up the phone. You decide how you’d like to enter your orders.

You can either speak with an experienced broker or conduct your own research and simply place your trades by phone. We do not use inexperienced clerks’ to staff our desks. You speak to brokers with years of experience.

Regardless of where you are in today’s connected planet, we will provide you with a way to place trades, get quotes, market updates, check status and receive fills and account status.

Our trading desks are a great way to get your trades done.

Broker Assisted Services

Our Broker Assisted service is typically used by clients that need or want a bit more help than self-directed offers. You may require more time from a particular broker to help place orders, get more information and market feedback or even to work more specialized contingency and OCO orders. You may also want more attention from a broker with regular market updates, second opinions, news and recommendations on the market and order placement. Broker Assisted can also be used to follow advisory services, newsletters and educational programs that are becoming increasingly more common.

Either way, clients benefit from knowledgeable feedback on their own trading or risk management strategies. Depending upon your current level of knowledge, experience or requirements you may benefit from working with one of our experienced brokers.

Our Services

We have recently begun to offer specialized courses for our clients. All our clients are invited to attend and broaden their horizons while also learning about several strategies to avoid the pitfalls so common in today's volatile financial environment.

    Our services are:
  • Portfolio creation is one of the main services we offer to all of our customers who are new to the investment world.
  • We also help our clients manage their portfolios by offering them timely advice based on the research conducted by our team of specialists.
  • Our customers can benefit from the knowledge we collect through constant market research and analysis and also from our worldwide information sources.
  • Baron-Moore Associates provides solutions for clients looking to create a retirement plan, taking into account their particular needs and expectations.
  • For our corporate customers, we offer among others strategic planning for their businesses.
  • Our risk management strategies are tried and true and we are happy to say that our clients are more relaxed, knowing that we do our best to reduce the risk of their investments every step of the way.

Services’ Highlights

  • • Phone desk for orders and back up
  • • Contingency orders and OCO’s
  • • Market advice
  • • Risk and money management advice
  • • Quotes and market updates
  • • Newsletter and advisory execution
  • • Education and help with trading courses
  • • Access to all major exchanges worldwide

Our Mission

Every single one of our employees and the whole of our work ethic have a common goal: “To ensure our clientele’s prosperity and wealth increase without increasing the risks”.

We believe that the quality advice we provide to our customers and the success of their financial enterprises is also beneficial to the performance of the global financial market itself.