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Baron-Moore Associates

Everything You Want to Know

Our main tactic is continuous research in order to be informed regarding any change in the market that might impact our customers' portfolios. We use state of the art technologies to perform the research and analysis needed to offer you the best solutions.

Every set of services for an account is highly individualized, because every client has unique needs. We aim to offer more than just financial services, but solutions for improving their financial status.

  • Our team focuses greatly on building a portfolio, taking into account the customer's situation and needs.
  • We have researchers watching every relevant aspect of the financial market.
  • Our clients can benefit from the insight we obtain through research and analysis.

Special Events

We organize a special yearly event for all of our customers, during which they can interact and exchange information and investment opportunities.

Not only does this occasion bring together people from every financial and social background in the same room, but it also helps develop new business relationships between our clients.

Of course, these events are supervised by our team of consultants, who, based on their knowledge of each client's portfolio, are ready to offer unbiased recommendations regarding the offers presented.

Our hope is to strengthen the relations between the members of the Baron-Moore Associates family, our team and also our clients.


Baron-Moore Associates provided very prompt response to even the most elementary query I had and provided all services in a courteous, friendly and efficient manner.

Donald Peterson – Retail Manager

Baron-Moore Associates provided me with knowledgeable, quick, and efficient service. It was recommended to me and I gladly return this and I recommend it as a top advisor.

Michael Albrecht – PR Director

We moved to Baron-Moore Associates from another firm with whom we had a very difficult relationship. Baron-Moore Associates has been the complete opposite of that experience.

Elisabeth Ann Taylor – Senior Accountant

Our experience in working with Baron-Moore Associates has been a very positive one indeed, starting from the informative website right through to comprehensive professional services.

Steve Quill – Purchasing Manager

Our Mission

Every single one of our employees and the whole of our work ethic have a common goal: “To ensure our clientele’s prosperity and wealth increase without increasing the risks”.

We believe that the quality advice we provide to our customers and the success of their financial enterprises is also beneficial to the performance of the global financial market itself.