Our Services

  • Operations consulting
  • Program and project management
  • Technology and innovation
  • Information technology
  • People and organizational change

Our work is dedicated to the prosperity of our clientele!

Here at Baron-Moore Associates, our clientele and their wellbeing is always our top priority. Our bond with our customers is based on mutual trust, earned by upholding some simple, yet common sense principles.

Our most powerful asset is knowledge and the ability to process it in a timely manner, to the advantage of our clients'. We are constantly collecting information from our clients and from market research and analysis. We need to fully understand the customer's particular circumstances, their needs and expectations and also their outlook on risk.

Advice Center

Our company is proud to have a strong relationship with its clients based on mutual trust. We work hard to rise to their expectations and even exceed them.

About Us

Here at Baron-Moore Associates, we have gathered some of the most capable people within our industry in order to place their abilities at your service. The foundation of our company is a strong one, as it is based on bonds of trust and loyalty to our work and our clients.

Our name is already renowned in the financial consulting world, thanks to the premium quality of our services and the consistent results we have achieved year in, year out.

Acting as Trusted Advisors

It is important to us at Baron-Moore Associates, that we give our clientele the best advice available each and every time by working closely with you as trusted advisors.

Our partnership philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • • We will make our best analysts and advisors directly visible to our clients thus encourage them to work closely with us
  • • Our directors will remain engaged in analysis and advisory activities while being directly involved in supporting all our clients and will maintain a client-facing perspective
  • • Respect for client organizations. We will use our best endeavors to give an objective view of vendor capability and let our buy-side clients make up their own minds based on the facts. Unlike some analyst organizations, we are not interested in "cheap headlines" based on "kicking a supplier when they are down". Nor do we ever say that the biggest vendor is always the best
  • • All our advice and opinion must be evidence-based, which ensures our impartiality and avoids conflicts of interest

Our Mission

Every single one of our employees and the whole of our work ethic have a common goal: “To ensure our clientele’s prosperity and wealth increase without increasing the risks”.

We believe that the quality advice we provide to our customers and the success of their financial enterprises is also beneficial to the performance of the global financial market itself.